Get Good Vybzz!


Namaste! I am the creator of Vybzz, offering unique and soul-stirring crystal art, crafted with intentional spiritual significance to inspire and uplift. I I believe that the magic of crystals can nudge us towards mindfulness and soulful living.

Guided by ethereal energies, I found myself mesmerized by the high-vybing, selenite crystal. Its energy is supercharged, purifying, and fiercely protective, making it a versatile, must-have gemstone! My newfound cosmic obsession is how this lunar beauty became the pulsating heart and soul of the mystical Vybzz brand!

Unable to resist adding a touch of cosmic glam to the selenite pieces, I conjured up a signature patina in a mesmerizing rainbow of celestial hues. Thus, the Shimmering Selenite line was born, featuring a spellbinding selection of bowls, candle holders, charging plates, and more, all sparkling with a captivating and otherworldly glow!

The Zen Crystal Blooms Collection sprouted from my desire to create terrarium-style designs, with select crystals vybing in sync for specific intentions. Topping these crystals with breathtaking ForeverFloret preserved roses not only added another element from nature but also introduced a dazzling pop of color that enigmatically aligns with the theme. Taking it to the next level, I dropped in the dynamic duo of selenite and clear quartz crystals – cosmic crystal energizers that banish negativity, provide clarity, and supercharge your intentions, sending them soaring into the universe.

Vybzz, where custom crystal artistry is vibin' to bring peace, joy, and love into your life!

Cosmic Unveiling

Infinite gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on this incredible journey.

Two years after a transformative TBI, I felt an urge to explore alternative paths for my health. The universe guided me to a hip meditation class in a room adorned with crystals; they were everywhere, even inside the walls. The sessions were intense, sparking wild curiosity, and in a celestial twist of fate, I found myself delving deep into the mystical world of crystals while seeking a more mindful lifestyle.

Empowered by this ethereal insight, I immersed myself in shaping a mindful existence with daily rituals to nurture my soul. Learning to quiet my mind and embrace my inner voice, I harnessed epic focus, clarity, and inner harmony by simply tuning out the noise. My creative mojo skyrocketed, leading to the cosmic unveiling of fulfillment through purposeful crystal art!

The path of crystals, mindfulness, and creativity has brought transformative magic into my life, and I am blessed to share it with you. My intention is to ignite your interest in a more mindful lifestyle and embrace the beauty of a cosmic connection!

May the universe rock your world with love and light! - Carla