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Tranquil Blue Aura Amethyst Heart

Tranquil Blue Aura Amethyst Heart

Let the mesmerizing Vybzz soothe your mind and elevate your spirit! 

The tranquil blue aura enhances intuition and spiritual awareness, while amethyst brings peace and harmony to the heart and mind. This heart-shaped crystal is perfect for meditation, helping to deepen your practice and connect with your inner self.

Chakras: heart, third eye and crown.

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Crystal Vybzz

Discover the beauty and tranquility of the Blue Aura Amethyst Heart. This dazzling crystal boasts a unique combination of powerful energies that promote peace, serenity, and spiritual growth. The calming blue aura, created by bonding gold with amethyst, enhances intuition and communication while promoting a sense of inner peace and tranquility. The amethyst itself is known for its healing properties, and is said to help ease anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Its heart shape also promotes emotional healing and fosters feelings of love and compassion, making it an excellent tool for personal growth and spiritual development.

The Blue Aura Amethyst Heart also connects with specific chakras, providing a powerful tool for energy healing. Its blue aura resonates with the throat chakra, promoting clear communication and self-expression. The amethyst within the crystal resonates with the third eye and crown chakras, enhancing intuition and promoting spiritual awareness. By working with this crystal, you can harness its powerful energy to balance your chakras and promote overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Crystal Deets

Origin: Uruguay
Unpolished sides
Thickness: 1" - 1.4"
Width: 3.1"
Length: 2.5"
Weight: 12.5 oz.
Product Code: TBH101

Clearing & Intentions

Hip tips for your cosmic game!

Clearing Crystals: 

  • Selenite: Place your amethyst crystal heart on a selenite charging plate or let it chill near a selenite wand for a serious vybe clearing.
  • Smudge: Purify your gem with the dope smoke ritual called "smudging", used to clear away any negative Vybzz. Get your groove on with options like burning palo santo, sage, sweetgrass, or even kick it old school with some frankincense.
  • Moonlight: Let your sparkling beauty soak up the cosmic coolness during a full moon to purify and energize its mojo.
  • Sound Bath: Treat your gemstone to a spa day with a rad singing bowl or any groovy sound healing instrument. Let those sound Vybzz wash away all the negative juju!

Remember to trust your intuition and choose a clearing method that feels right for you and your crystals. They'll be feeling fresh and fly in no time!

Intention Setting: 

  1. Create a dope zen den where you can vybe out with cosmic frequencies for a serious intention-setting session.
  2. Get your mind in the zen zone, babe, by taking deep breaths, tapping into your innermost self, and visualizing with mad focus and clarity all the epic things you're gonna make happen.
  3. Rock out with your crystal heart! Catch it’s beat and get groovin’ with it’s Vybzz. Let your desires do a cosmic dance as one in perfect harmony.
  4. Speak your truth with swagger and confidence! Create your intention, dropping words that make your soul soar and resonate with your crystal's high-flying Vybzz. 
  5. Shower gratitude like confetti, giving mad props to the universe for the blessings already in motion and embracing the abundance of good Vybzz headed your way.

Trust the cosmic flow, and vybe out with unwavering faith in the power of your intentions and the magical energy of your amethyst crystal heart!

Manifesting & Affirmations

Unleash Your magic with affirmations, manifestations, and meditation.

Affirmation:  "I trust the universe to guide me towards my highest good."

  • Daily affirmations are like a perpetual dose of medicine for the soul. They keep your mind aligned with your intentions and help you manifest your desires.


  • Set the mood, baby! Find a cozy spot, light some candles, and create an ambiance that puts you in the right mindset for affirmations. Get comfy and let the good Vybzz wash over you as you speak your truths.
  • Mad busy, babe? You got this, get your high vybing groove on, anytime, anywhere! Lean into a deep belly breath and tap into a flow of seriously celestial frequencies, then exhale and expel any funky juju. Next, inhale like a boss babe and mentally supercharge your affirmation, when you exhale, power blast it into the universe!
  • Triple beat on repeat!  Embrace the power of repetition. The more you say 'em, the more they sink in and work their magic. Rock your intention 3 times in a row and repeat at least 3 times a day. Keep it going for…you guessed it, 33 days!

Make a date to meditate: 

  • When you meditate, you're creating a total zen zone in your mind that’ll get your affirmation game on point. Meditation will blast your manifestation game to the next level!



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  • Handle your crystal with mad care. Listen up, due to their delicate nature, crystals aren't eligible for returns or refunds. We want you to be stoked about 'em, so hit us up if you got any concerns.
  • Crystal Vybzz are totally awesome, but yo, we ain't making any promises. Keep in mind that we don't guarantee specific results, ya feel? Our crystal info is no substitute for medical advice or medication. Just putting it out there.
  • Now, crystals are all about spreading good Vybzz, but they're not meant to heal or cure illnesses or diseases. We're all about keeping it real with you.

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Love my amethyst heart 💜

Beautifully crafted heart shaped amethyst. Not only decorative, but soothing power to alleviate stress while relaxing the mind.
So very special to me.

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